Granada, popularly known as La Gran Sultana, is a 1.5-hour drive from San Juan del Sur and is distinguished by its Moorish and Andalusian aspects instead of its sister city and historical adversary, León, which has more Castilianist tendencies.Granada is Nicaragua’s most famous tourist destination. It has a beautiful and well-preserved appearance. Es colonial and neoclassical architecture are one of America’s most renowned riding destinations.

We’ll see the San Francisco Convent and Church, founded in 1524, as well as Isla Zapatera’s dwellings and archaeological treasures, a primitive art show, and a historical presentation. Horse-drawn carriages are used for transportation. *Cemetery: Massive colonial graveyard. Marble figures in tombs dating back over 400 years. The Fort of La Pólvora was built in 1748 to store gunpowder. * Xalteva Church and Walls: This is where the Spaniards first met the Indigenous Xalteva population, from which the city gets its name. This is Granada’s oldest neighbourhood. Because of its location, the church was also used as a military fort during colonial times. We also go to Central Park and the Cathedral.

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    You can walk around the buildings in Central Park, also known as Parque Colon, and see the Culture Palace Joaquin Cuadra Pasos, as well as a stone entrance with lions, the only surviving portion of the original building burned down by William Walker, now known as Casa de Los tresMundos, art and cultural centre where you can see exhibitions and watch arts rehearsals. You can also visit the Central Park Zoo.

    A horse-drawn carriage is another option for touring the city. Look for the Spanish tiles marking the city highlighting historical sites and events, such as homes of past presidents and the exploits of William Walker, after which you can visit an exciting cemetery with tombs of both the rich and poor dating back over a century, as well as the Fortaleza la Polvora, which was built in 1749. Another activity you can do is take a walk along with Lago Nicaragua for the cool breeze and views; just off Granada on the lake are Las Isletas, which are made up of more than 360 islands formed when the Mombacho volcano erupted 20,000 years ago; on one of the islands are the ruins of a fort El Castilo.

    Tour Isletas

    A tremendous volcanic explosion built this peninsula and its 365 tiny islets 20,000 years ago! Today, it is a one-of-a-kind location where notable Nicaraguans have holiday homes and a small fishing population subsists. The scenery is stunning, with abundant birds and spectacular views of the volcanoes and Lake Nicaragua. In the 17th century, the Spanish built a fortress to protect Granada from pirate invasions! These calm and rustic islands will be visited by boat, and all of their mysteries will be revealed!

    All of our tours included: air-conditioned transportation.

    The following are some of the places we will visit:

    • Central Park.
    • Churches and Cathedral
    • Cigar Factory
    • Tour by boat on the Granada Isletas (volcanic islands)
    • Churches and Cathedral
    • The fortress of La Polvora

    Cristo de la Misericordia, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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