Popoyo, Nicaragua: A Beautiful Surfing Retreat with A Laid-Back Attitude

Popoyo, Nicaragua, is a stretch of houses and hostels along the beach than a surf town. There’s nothing but dirt road and barrenness until you reach the village of Las Salinas, about a mile away, behind the singular row of beach cottages along Playa Popoyo and a smattering of roads north.

The beach in Popoyo is fantastic; Nicaragua has an abundance of beaches along its west coast, but few are as well-known for their surfing. Surfers from all over the world flock to this magnificent coastline to ride the waves, and it’s widely regarded as the best spot to learn to surf in Nicaragua.

In terms of security, Popoyo appears to be safe and secure. However, large portions of the beach aren’t well-lit after sunset, so bring a torch and avoid walking alone late at night.

In Popoyo, Nicaragua, there are a variety of activities to do.

  1. Get a surf lesson

Learning to surf is one of the few activities available in Popoyo. Many of the hostels along the beach are also surf houses and provide daily basic surfing lessons, or you can hire your surf instructor. A surf lesson will cost between $10 and $15 (USD), and many hostels may give discounts or multi-buys to their visitors.

  1. Visit Chacocente to see the wildlife.

Do you adore animals? Love Turtles? The Chacocente Natural Reserve will spark your interest. This natural reserve is guaranteed to deliver an exciting experience. It is home to 276 animal and hatching locations for the Olive Ridley turtle between July and December. There are a variety of trips available, including horseback riding and visits to community farms. The cost of admission is $10 (USD).

  1. Watch a sunset from Big Surf House 

Even if you aren’t a guest at the Big Surf House, you are invited to come down to their beachfront bar for a beverage. It has a friendly vibe, and people tend to be very open and friendly there, so meet some new people, play some pool, and marvel at the sunset.

  1. Join the yogis in stretching.

Popoyo is the ideal location for a yoga retreat because of its consistent quiet and beautiful surroundings. You don’t have to go all out with a yoga retreat; there are also workshops and private sessions offered by entrepreneurs along the beach.

  1. Soak up the natural hot springs.

For $3 (USD), you can soak in sulfurous hot springs near Las Salinas. The water is natural to the location, despite appearing to be new swimming pools. The round pool that feeds the others is quite hot, so don’t go in unless you’re mentally prepared to be roasted.

  1. Go to the tidal pools and make a splash.

Nicaragua’s coastline becomes even more lovely along the beach of Guasacate, about a half-hour walk from Popoyo. Guasacate is home to a series of rock formations that reveal gorgeous tide pools when the tide is out, making it particularly beautiful at sunset. These tide pools are not only lovely, but they are also free to enjoy!