Fantastic Things to do in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is Nicaragua’s colonial beauty, and it’s a town full of excitement, charm, and atmosphere! The dry season, which welcomes you with long days of scorching heat… scorching sun! is the “peak” season to visit Granada, which runs from November to April. It does mean that some waterfalls may not be at their best, so some visitors may visit between April and June.

So, here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for: the best things to do in Granada. You may easily see all of these things in three to four days!

  1. Take a stroll through the Main Plaza.

The main plaza is known for its stunning church, fountains, souvenir market stalls, a few dining options, and spots to sit and relax in the sun. It has a European feel to it and is quite lovely.

Grab an ice cream cone and sit on a bench here.

  1. Pay a visit to the renowned Cathedral

The Cathedral in Granada is considered Nicaragua’s most beautiful. It’s bright, beautiful, and certainly worth a look. Of course, you can take pictures from the outside, but the inside is also quite lovely, and entry is free.

If you go during a service, you’ll get to hear everyone singing hymns, which is extremely enjoyable.

  1. Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Cathedral

When you arrive at the Cathedral, you’ll discover that photographing the Cathedral from the front without the trees in the way is difficult.

No worries, you may climb to the top of Iglesia La Merced for a breathtaking view over the church and the surrounding area. This is a stunning sunset setting, so if you’re travelling with a spouse, this could be an excellent romantic spot to visit in Granada!

The entrance fee to the bell tower is $1.

  1. Go to the Granada Islets

It appears to be excellent. The islets are a collection of hundreds of small islands that you can visit by boat or kayak. This is at Lake Nicaragua. The boat will take you to a few islets where you can see a variety of wildlife. The boat tour is only a couple of hours long, but if you opt to kayak alone, it will take longer, and you need to be wary of the sun!

In any case, it looks lovely, and a couple that went claimed it was fantastic, so certainly add it if you want something different.

A tour costs roughly $25, or you can drive yourself (it’s just around 15 minutes away) and rent a boat or kayak from the “dock.”

  1. Go to a Chocolate Museum

Chocolate enthusiasts, enjoy! For you, it’s discovered the best thing to do in Granada. You can go to the museum, participate in a chocolate workshop, create your masterpiece, or go on a cocoa farm tour.

You will learn about the history of chocolate production. Inside the museum, you may sample chocolate in its purest form, prepare your own, and learn about how it was first used in Central America before making its way to Europe!

This is a terrific way to learn about one of Nicaragua’s most popular productions while also creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake to send home to relatives or friends (or eat yourself!)

Chocolate workshops are $21 per person and last 2 hours (direct purchase on website)—89 dollars per person for a farm tour.

So, there you have a few things to see and do in Granada. Depending on how your journey across Central America has taken you, you have various options for your next stop.

Good luck on your journey!